Jim Hammer Rocking Chairs
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Rocking chairs are made from domestic hardwoods such as American walnut, tiger maple, birds eye maple, and cherry. English walnut and French walnut are also available and make especially beautiful chairs. If desired, accent or contrasting wood can be placed in the headrest, back braces and rockers.

Rocking chair pieces are cut from planks from a single tree to ensure that coloring and grains match. Patterns for each piece are carefully laid out before cutting to take advantage of the most beautiful and unique qualities of the selected wood.

Customizing starts right from the beginning with chair size - extra small to extra large. Also, some people prefer a more reclined rocker and others prefer a more upright rocker. These features will be discussed with you when you are ready to order your chair.

Rocking chairs are sanded to a very fine grit (2000) and are finished with several coats of hand-rubbed Danish oil. No stains or varnishes are used. Maintenance is simple. Scratches are easily sanded and Danish oil reapplied.

From start to finish, each rocking chair takes about three weeks depending on availability of wood.

English Walnut detail hand crafted rocking chair

"A tree provides perhaps our most intimate contact with nature"

George Nakashima

Jim Hammer Woodworking

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