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Welcome to the website of Jim Hammer Woodworking where you are about to view the finest selection of heirloom quality, handcrafted rocking chairs.

Each rocking chair is made individually (no assembly line work) with each customer in mind from carefully hand-selected woods. The pieces of the chair are cut after much planning to ensure that the wood grain flows from headrest to the seat as well as from the arms to the front legs. The grain in the back braces matches in both front and back. This gives a very pleasing, well coordinated appearance to each rocking chair. Every effort is made to take advantage of special features of the selected wood such as burls and other unique grains to properly display or "show off" these individual wood characteristics. As you can imagine, no two chairs will be the same.

In addition to being a work of art, each rocking chair is equally functional giving unbelievable comfort and lumbar support. The back braces actually move or "float" to conform to the individual's back instead of the back conforming to the chair. These fine rocking chairs are made in small, medium and large sizes usually depending upon a person's height.

A handcrafted rocking chair makes a perfect gift whether it's for a new parent or grandparent or as a retirement gift. It will be treasured for generations to come.


Tiger Maple with Walnut Trim rocking chair
Jim Hammer Woodworking

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